IzuSubs is a one-man subbing operation which began its life as a scrub for Rider-Time’s Kamen Rider Zero-One scripts, which evolved into a full-blown subtitling effort soon-after. Generally speaking, releases are focused on currently airing
Kamen Rider series.
The basic goal of IzuSubs is to try and find a comfortable middle-ground between literal and liberal styles of subbing, along with the inclusion of a few quirks classically characteristic of “weeb” subs. With this is mind, I hope it is understood that my work was always intended to be for a niche audience, and will not be to everyone’s tastes.
A more detailed introduction through here

Generally speaking, my objective and intended style with IzuSubs is to devise and write subtitles in a manner that adheres to the original dialogue’s meaning as much as possible (without necessarily being word-for-word literal), while still localising just enough to ensure that lines still read fairly naturally and smoothly in English (hence, “middle-ground”). Conversely, this does mean that I do not enjoy writing lines with excessive “personality” so to speak, so do keep in mind that you may find my style to be drier than some others.

Some quirks of my work that may not be to your taste
> The occasional Translation Note
> A smidge of “untranslated” Japanese words/terms [i.e. Henshin]
> Honorifics (i.e. -san, -sama, etc.)
These inclusions are of my own personal preference but comments and criticisms are welcome nonetheless. Some screenshots have been provided further below to give you an idea of what you’re in for. Please do have a look.

Please note that since these are essentially niche subs for a niche crowd, only the subtitle files will be provided to minimise unnecessary extra downloads. A guide has been provided below detailing how to integrate .ass subtitle files into .mkv video files, but you will have to obtain a RAW video file yourself.

MEGA Folder for ZERO-ONE Subtitles

MEGA Folder for SABER Subtitles

Other Important Links
Guide for adding subtitle files to video
Current Font-pack in use (Cabin Medium)


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Sample Screenshots

Original Translation Example
“Untranslated term(s)” Example – TLNs will be given for chronological first instances of use respectively
Translation Note (Full) Example
Translation Note (integrated as a caption) Example

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