IzuSubs is a one-man subbing operation which began its life as a scrub for Rider-Time’s Kamen Rider Zero-One scripts, which evolved into a full-blown subtitling effort soon-after. Generally speaking, releases are focused on currently airing
Kamen Rider series.
The basic goal of IzuSubs is to try and find a comfortable middle-ground between literal and liberal styles of subbing, along with the inclusion of a few quirks classically characteristic of “weeb” subs. With this is mind, I hope it is understood that my work was always intended to be for a niche audience, and will not be to everyone’s tastes.
A more detailed introduction through here

Generally speaking, my objective and intended style with IzuSubs is to devise and write subtitles in a manner that adheres to the original dialogue’s meaning as much as possible (without necessarily being word-for-word literal), while still localising just enough to ensure that lines still read fairly naturally and smoothly in English (hence, “middle-ground”). Conversely, this does mean that I do not enjoy writing lines with excessive “personality” so to speak, so do keep in mind that you may find my style to be drier than some others.

Some quirks of my work that may not be to your taste
> The occasional Translation Note
> A smidge of “untranslated” Japanese words/terms [i.e. Henshin]
> Honorifics (i.e. -san, -sama, etc.)
These inclusions are of my own personal preference but comments and criticisms are welcome nonetheless. Some screenshots have been provided further below to give you an idea of what you’re in for. Please do have a look.

Please note that since these are essentially niche subs for a niche crowd, only the subtitle files will be provided to minimise unnecessary extra downloads. A guide has been provided below detailing how to integrate .ass subtitle files into .mkv video files, but you will have to obtain a RAW video file yourself.

MEGA Folder for ZERO-ONE subtitles

MEGA Folder for SABER subtitles

MEGA Folder for Revice subtitles

Other Important Links
Guide for adding subtitle files to video
Current Font-pack in use (Cabin Medium)


  • Revice Episode 48 Release

    August 14, 2022 by

    Enjoy.LINE chat(s) are below. Links:Revice episode 48 script Ikki & Vice’s Textchat Conversation #48-1Vice: I’m gonna protect Ikki!

  • Revice Episode 46 Release

    July 31, 2022 by

    Enjoy.LINE chat(s) are below. Links:Revice episode 46 script Ikki & Vice’s Textchat Conversation #46-1Ikki: Ready, Vice!? Ikki: We’re taking Giff down!Vice: Roger that!Vice: He’s not getting any mercy, even if he’s technically our grandpappy!Vice: Clench your teeth, Gramps!Ikki: Get ready to taste the power of the Igarashi family!Vice: By the way, you reckon Sakura and… Read more

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Sample Screenshots

Original Translation Example
“Untranslated term(s)” Example – TLNs will be given for chronological first instances of use respectively
Translation Note (Full) Example
Translation Note (integrated as a caption) Example

29 thoughts on “IzuSubs

    1. I will eventually, for completion’s sake (though no promises on when). I’m currently taking an elongated break after the busy weeks between the MetsubouJinrai v-cinema and RealxTime. The Saber short film has already been subbed by a different group so if you’re fixing to watch it at the moment, check out “FlameSubs”.


    1. Revice does look promising, and I’d love to work on it. However, I have recently just started a new full-time job and free time is a little hard to come by, so I can’t promise anything yet at this point. I’ll be spending the next few weeks leading up to Saber’s finale figuring whether I can afford to fit it into my weekly schedule, and will probably make a blog post about my final plans as we near Revice’s debut.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. It’s not actually me uploading the batches/muxed files up onto nyaa. Some kind soul has been helping with that of their own volition. So a batch is up to their discretion more than anything else.


  2. Did Tokufun contact you and ask for permission to use your subs? Since they’re using them and the text convo translations on their site and they also put ads up so they’re basically profiting off your hard work.


    1. They didn’t, but there’s not much I can do about that. My work is free for anyone to grab and use after all. As for them profiting off it, it’s up to the official parties at Toei and co. whether they want to chase them up.


  3. Hello there. Sorry if this has been answered already. As a fellow fansubber, I’m curious if you guys translate your projects by ear, or do you have the JPN close captions handy from the TV airing?



    1. I generally go by ear unless/until there’s bits of dialogue that are maybe a little hard to hear, or there’s a couple unfamiliar words. That’s when having the closed captions as a reference comes in handy. Closed captions are also good to have, for the rare occasion where I might have translated something wrong due to mishearing as well.


  4. I’ve been following you since I got into Revice, I find it easy to convert files with File Converter, especially adding your sub file. Other videos I convert don’t accept the sub file. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you for all you do. I was subscribed to Toku Fun Zone, but after finding out how to do my own converting I’m no longer a subscriber of Toku Fun Zone. Saw this today and it was upsetting, this person seems to nitpick, Golden Chimera, all the time about subs. I agree with other commentators, if he doesn’t like it, then he should do his own 😆 I enjoy your subs. All of the episodes I have of Revice are Izu, I’ve only used others subs when it was readily available like the Vail Legacy, Geo was putting those out quick.


    Anyways again thank you for all you do, will you be subbing Birth of the Chimera Revice spin-off? Thanks Izusubs!


    1. Thanks for enjoying my work. Regarding Birth of Chimera, I do plan to sub it for completion’s sake (since it ties in directly with the Battle Familia movie). But since it’s an extra thing outside the weekly episodes, finding the time to put aside to do it is a little hard.

      Keep in mind that Geo’s also already subbed and released it. If you’re keen on watching it quickly, check it out.


  5. Thanks for your continued consistent releases. Do you have a ko-fi? I’d like to support your hard work.


    1. Thanks for enjoying my subs. Unfortunately, I don’t have any sort of donation system in place, since I’m still a firm believer in fansubs being a free-of-charge passion project (especially since they’re technically “illegal” anyway).

      Your well wishes are appreciated all the same.


  6. Hey, I’ve been loving your work on Revice. It’s the first series I’ve caught while it’s airing, and how quick you upload your subs has been really helpful with that!

    I don’t know if you’ve mentioned it and figured I’d ask anyway, but do you plan to sub Geats as well?


    1. Thanks. As for Geats, I’m still thinking about it. It has been getting harder for me to keep up with subbing efforts as of late, due to real life reasons.


      1. All good, and thanks for answering. It’d be great if you did Geats, but life comes first 🙂


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